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  • 2080 East 151st Street
  • Olathe, KS, 66062
  • United States

LifePointe's Winter Groups session starts Feb 5th and goes to Apr 15th. Groups can be joined at anytime, so don't count yourself out if you miss the first group. All of LifePointe's systems, care and ministry begins in Groups. When you are a part of a Group, you are a part of our pastoral care. 

We believe that significant life-change best takes place in the context of intentional relationships. God wants us to FIT together, not just SIT together. We believe life is better assembled, because assembled people go further, faster. While you learn ABOUT Christ through teaching, you BECOME like Christ through assembled relationships.

  • Groups provide the environment to celebrate the successes and good times of life, as well as comfort one another in the tough and disappointing times. 
  • Groups are for finding “best” relationships, investing now for the future care you will need later.
  • Groups are for fostering the spiritual growth that cannot happen in isolation. 
  • Groups are where you find a DREAM TEAM to help you live a DREAM STORY.

We believe that life-change happens best in community. Groups are our way of creating real connection. We hope you can find at least one Group this session to get connected with. To learn more about LifePointe Groups go to pointe.info/groups .

  •  College – Beyond High School (THURSDAY @ 7PM / No Childcare)
  •  Mixed Singles 20+ (DAY/TIME TBD / Childcare TBD)
  •  Mixed Singles 30+ (DAY/TIME TBD / Childcare TBD)
  •  Mixed Singles 40+ (DAY/TIME TBD / Childcare TBD)
  •  Mixed Couples and Singles (MONDAY @ 7PM / No Childcare)
  •  Mixed Couples and Singles (TUESDAY @ 7PM / No Childcare)
  •  Mixed Couples and Singles (WEDNESDAY @ 7PM / No Childcare)
  •  Mixed Couples and Singles (FRIDAY @ 7PM / No Childcare)
  •  Parents of Young Children (MONDAY @ 7PM / Yes Childcare)
  •  Parents of Teenagers (MONDAY @ 7PM / No Childcare)
  •  Empty Nesters (MONDAY @ 7PM / No Childcare)
  •  Marriage Support (SATURDAY @ 7PM / No Childcare)