You may have a Bible that has all of Jesus’ words in the color red. Taking that as a metaphor for every word that Jesus speaks, we have named this year’s Awakening Revival the Red Ink Revival. We believe Jesus will be branding his words in red, deep within our hearts. There is a growing hunger in LifePointe and the greater Body of Christ for a deeper relationship with Jesus, to live in uncompromising miracle-faith, and to encounter the expansiveness of the Holy Spirit’s power. One encounter in God's presence will transform and empower your vision, heart, passions and purpose. The Holy Spirit is preparing you with prophetic utterances, inspired prayers, spontaneous worship, divine dreams, modern-day visions, authentic signs and awesome wonders (Joel 2:28–31). 

The Red Ink Revival is designed for you to receive amazing weighted-teachings, practical training in the prophetic ministry and prayer. Whether you are a seasoned miracle-faith man/woman, or a rookie, you will emerge from your experiences with renewed power for life and ministry. You will be equipped in how to discern the Lord’s promptings/voice and cultivate the Spirit’s power. 

We ask all our Staff, Directors, Team Leaders, Volunteer Team Members and the church at large to prioritize these three days with a fervent desire. We can only lead where we are personally equipped and where we are personally going. 


We have designed four powerful services of instruction, demonstration and participation to model and lead you into unforgettable encounters. 

  • Friday, January 20 @ 7pm
  • Saturday, January 21 @ 6pm
  • Sunday, January 22 @ 9:15AM/11:00AM
  • Sunday, January 22 @ 6PM


In the LifePointe Sanctuary.


Yes. There will be childcare provided for kids 4 and under. For children 5 and older we encourage parents to bring their kids into the sanctuary experience. Even if kids are coloring or sleeping they will become marked by the presence of the Lord.