Welcome to the Daily Devo Blog for our Awakening 21-Day Fast. Every day the Daily Devo will be available at 12:00am. We are praying for you to encounter God in unusual ways during these 21 days. As you seek first God's Kingdom, "all these things" will be added to you. These "things" that will be added to you are all the things in Redemption; from wisdom, to revelation, to health, restored intimacy in relationships, emotional regulation, prosperity, increased anointing and boldness, and so much more. The joy of seeking God is beyond the receiving of "things;" the joy is experiencing a God Who involves us in His Kingdom. Live heroically! Win the day!


You can comment by clicking the word "Comment" at the upper right hand button, right above the day's blog title, or at the bottom of the page. Throughout your 21 days please leave comments of how these Daily Devos have encouraged, inspired and comforted your heart and faith. Read other people's comments and respond. Let's have a conversation!