FirePits give a deeper experience with Christ. This is a great place to launch the spiritual tone of your fast. It is a special environment to learn how the Holy Spirit thinks, directs and demonstrates. It is a great place to soak in God’s presence, find encouragement and to be healed. It is also a place to learn how to operate in Holy Spirit gifts, hear a word from Him and become familiar with His ways. It all happens in the LifePointe sanctuary at 6pm. It’s about hope. It’s about dreams. It’s about power. It’s about purpose. 

Bring the kids and let them experience it with you (don't worry about the younger kids paying attention to everything as much giving them exposure to God's presence).

Let’s binge on the REAL JESUS and the POWER OF REDEMPTION.



  • Sunday, January 6 @ 6.PM

  • Sunday, January 13 @ 6.PM (RED INK REVIVAL)

  • Sunday, January 20 @ 6.PM (START TRACK RENEWAL EVENT)



In the LifePointe Sanctuary. 



Yes. There will be childcare provided for kids 4 and under. For children 5 and older we encourage parents to bring their kids into the sanctuary experience. Even if kids are coloring or sleeping they will become marked by the presence of the Lord.