Today we discussed the importance of intentional relationships!


Watch 10-20 minutes of a GROUP video teaching, that correlates with the full Workshop semester topics.


When Jesus resurrected us to God, He didn't just connect us to a head, but to a body as well. He didn't just connect us to Himself, he connected us to one another.


Can you imagine a baseball team leaving first base unattended? They would never do that. Because that is an extremely important position for every team. The team would never say, “You know we’ve got Fred over there in the dugout, but he just isn’t a very good fielder. We have Bob over there who is a pretty good hitter, but he is a little too chatty. So we are just going to leave the position open.” No, they would never do that. Because they wouldn’t want to face the consequences of leaving such an important position unattended. Yet, people do that in life all the time.

What I know about Tina and I is that we have the propensity to leave first base open in our lives, as a couple, as parents, and as seekers of God. And that is true of you also. Because we all gravitate towards, lean towards and move towards isolation. If we are not careful we will leave an extremely important relationship in our life unattended.

You know what first base is for you? First base is that couple that you can depend on. First base is that guy that you can call when things are not going your way. First base is the person or couple on Friday night that you can call and say, “Hey, what are yall doing tonight? Let’s grab a pizza together.”

All of us need someone on first base in our lives.


Researchers tell us that up to 90+% of our communication is non-verbal. What that means to us is that connection of intimacy (through nurture, oversight, encouragement, inquisition, accountability, hope and loyalty) can only happen in face time experiences. No amount of social tasks, organized systems nor inspired exhortations will be capable of doing what simple, consistent investments of time and proximity with friends will easily do.


Scripture gives us multiple examples of bonding to the team, the body…not just for the individual’s growth, but for the team’s growth. Fact is that we are better together. The Apostle Paul gives us an amazing metaphor for these connections in 1 Corinthians 12. He says that we are like a body, intricately connected to each other, interdependent to each other.

We, being the church, are those who have given their hearts to Christ. Paul actually calls this body, the “body of Christ.” Paul says that just as a body has different parts, and each part functions differently, and in a sense function individually, that the whole body is healthy only through interdependence on each other. He says, “The hand would never say to the foot, ‘I don’t need you. I can just live without you’”

Paul says, “That would be foolish. It would be ridiculous.” He says this because the parts of the human body were meant to work together, to love together, to grow together, to serve together.” The body is healthy only through community. This helps the whole body, but in turn it helps each part individually.


We are asking 3 things of you for the next 10 weeks:

  1. Show Up
  2. Join In
  3. Be Real


Your Host will lead the Group in an icebreaker for everyone to share in. Then you will hear the Memoir Stories of those in your Group. Be prepared to share 10-15 minutes, using MY MEMOIR: PREPARING TO TELL MY STORY (Scope Timeline) worksheet to help you think through your story. You can download the SCOPE TIMELINE WORKSHEET HERE. There is a longer version of the worksheet, that gives an extra step to dig deeper into your story, which can be downloaded at LONG VERSION WORKSHEET (RECOMMENDED) You can also watch the WRAP UP video from last week that explains how to use the worksheet.

IMPORTANT:  We would like to have 4 people share their stories, per night, for the next 3 nights. That only leaves time for 12 total stories. If you have more in your Group than 12, plan to add a 5th person's story per night, for the next 3 weeks. Also, help everyone stay in the 10-15 minute range for their stories, so everyone can participate with ease.


Take a few moments to discuss your answers to these questions with the Group.


Complete the sentence: My favorite kind of music is… (and why?)


It isn't necessary that a person follow the SCOPE TIMELINE WORKSHEET, but it will make it easier for people to follow a structure. The goal is to have each individual person share 10-15 of their life story (Memoir). 


If the Group completes the MEMOIR STORIES, having heard from everyone signed up from the Group, or there is a minimal attendance in tonight's Group, feel free to use the following questions for conversation (of course the memoir stories have top priority):

  1. Who was your best friend in childhood? What was it about that person that caused you to connect with him or her?
  2. In what ways do people present exaggerated images of themselves to the world? What harm can these exaggerations cause?
  3. Have you ever judged someone based on first impressions only to change your mind when you heard more of that person's story? What is it about hearing his or her story that changes your mind?


This is a 5-10 minute video for MOVING FORWARD, GOING DEEPER, use of worksheets and periodic church-wide announcements.


Receive the challenge to “move forward” by applying what was learned this week.


  1. Continue preparing to tell your story, your MEMOIR, to the rest of the Group over the next few weeks.
  2. Use the MY MEMOIR: PREPARING TO TELL MY STORY (Scope Timeline) worksheet to help you think through your story. You can download the SCOPE TIMELINE WORKSHEETThere is a longer version of the worksheet, that gives an extra step to dig deeper into your story, which can be downloaded at LONG VERSION WORKSHEET (RECOMMENDED)


To gain the maximum impact of the available content for the Group semester we encourage everyone to engage the FULL WORKSHOP SEMESTER experience. You can REGISTER HERE. While this is not required, nor will the Group conversation questions require deeper background from the WORKSHOP, it is an amazing and life-changing option for everyone.


Write down the prayer requests of those in your Group so you can be standing with them in faith for their answers. Also, be vulnerable about your requests, inviting the Group to walk with you through trials, challenges and desires. As the weeks ensue you will find much to celebrate together about in answered prayer.