If you could have an unlimited supply of any one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?


Prayer Example:  Heavenly Father, thank you for this time to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus to deepen our understanding of healthy boundaries.  Holy Spirit, speak to us and through us, that we may grow closer to you and deepen our relationships.  Amen. 


This semester in Group focuses on the topic of relational boundaries. Our special guest is Rick Presley, LCMFT. 


The below questions serve as a guide to conversation.  Select those which you feel will spark conversation, depth and growth in understanding. 

  1. Proverbs 4:23 states, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”  What do you think is the difference between a boundary rooted in ego versus a boundary protecting the heart?  What examples of each have you witnessed?
  2. Have you ever believed you were something contrary to what God created you to be?
  3. Roundtable!  Embracing who we are: Have each person share and example of what they like about themselves.
  4. Do certain personality types trigger you?  How do you regulate your own emotions around them?
  5. Have you ever found yourself accidentally violating someone else’s boundaries?  (For example, touching a pregnant woman’s belly)
  6. What do you understand the difference is between walls and boundaries?
  7. Do you think walls are created by unforgiveness?  May a healthy boundary replace the wall by forgiveness?  Have you ever experienced this?



(Encourage others to pray, gaining confidence in public prayer in a safe environment) 

Example Prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank you for this opportunity to consider our individuality and the ability to break downs walls, replacing them with healthy boundaries.  May we consider Proverbs 4:23 and guard our hearts so that the highest goodness may flow from them.   Thank you for bringing us together so we can further explore how we may become all you intend us to be, for your glory.  Precious Jesus, we love you.  Amen.