When I’m in a large group, I think (or feel)….


PRAYER EXAMPLE:  Heavenly Father, thank you for this opportunity to grow together and learn about healing.  Open our hearts to receive all that you have for us, give us your wisdom and understanding.  We ask for your protection and guidance this week and that we continue to grow together as a group.  In Jesus Name, Amen 


This semester in Group focuses on the topic of Healing. 


The below questions serve as a guide to conversation.  Select those which you feel will spark conversation, depth and growth in understanding. 

  1. Have you experienced a tragedy or trauma like the guy singing, where it looked like God let you down?
  2. How do we protect our heart from being hardened when bad things happen?
  3. How does what we believe affect our relationship with God? Have you seen how this affects how you attach and connect to Him?
  4. Why is it difficult to always see God as our protector and our benevolent Father? To lean into God and His truth rather than pulling away?
  5. Share an "ah-ha" insight, or challenging thought, from tonight's video. 


(Encourage others to pray, gaining confidence in public prayer in a safe environment) 

EXAMPLE PRAYER:  Heavenly Father, thank you for this opportunity to grow together and learn about healing and Redemption. May we consider this week your heart as our Healer, even in the midst of pain and disappointments.  May we hear you in the soft whisper in our hearts, helping us to develop healthy attachment, that we may become all you intend us to be, in faith and confidence. All for your kingdom, precious Jesus.  We love you.  Amen.