What song or TV show are you into right now?


PRAYER EXAMPLE:  Heavenly Father, thank you for this opportunity to grow together and learn about living a faith lifestyle. Open our hearts to receive all that you have for us, give us your wisdom and understanding.  We ask for your protection and guidance this week and that we continue to grow together as a Group. In Jesus Name, Amen 


This semester in Group focuses on the topic of faith. However, to launch this semester we are going to talk about WHY GROUPS, which we explore why we do Groups the way we do at LifePointe. 


The below questions serve as a guide to conversation.  Select those which you feel will spark conversation, depth and growth in understanding. 

  1. If you haven't already, go around the room and introduce yourselves, welcoming the newest attenders to your Group. If you have a new attender, everyone (old and new attenders) should share their names, how long they have been attending LifePointe and what projects (home or vocation) they are most excited about right now
  2. Share how a "trusting relationship" has helped your relationship with Christ.
  3. When you think of your "purpose" on earth, what do you think of?
  4. How do you think the 5 purposes being exercised in your life will move you towards personal health, happiness and holistic fulfillment? 


(Encourage others to pray, gaining confidence in public prayer in a safe environment) 

EXAMPLE PRAYER:  Heavenly Father, thank you for this opportunity to grow together and learn about your 5 purposes and the blessing of Groups. May we hear you in the soft whisper in our hearts, helping us to develop healthy relationships, that we may become all you intend us to be, in faith and confidence. All for your kingdom, precious Jesus. We love you. Amen.  



We have received several great questions and suggestions for future Groups. This video answers the following questions:

  • Can we select our own authors, teachers and topics?
  • Can you do video teachings through books of the Bible?
  • How come we don’t go back to the “free market” Groups, where everyone got to select the kinds of Groups they wanted to lead? It seemed that those worked much better.
  • I’m in conflict with the Redemption teachings. It seems that there is no room for disagreement. Why do we not have a more generalized study that everyone can agree with?
  • In the last semester you spoke of “spiritual laws.” Is it possible to get a list of those?
  • We desire more Group options with various ages, seasons of life, childcare, etc. Why do we not have more Group options?
  • There are too many people in our Group. Is it possible to multiply this Group into an additional Group?
  • The Group questions seem to be difficult to follow. Can you make them easier to understand?
  • Sometimes the questions seem to be incongruent with the content of the video. Why is that?
  • Is it possible to have a workbook style “packet” for each semester with “fill in the blanks” for each session?
  • Is it possible to have Pastor and Tina drop into our Group more to bring clarification and answer some of our semester questions?
  • Our Group has had several meetings cancelled due to various reasons. Is it possible to have an alternate Host to continue when the lead Host is unavailable?
  • It would be nice if when members are absent that the church would check in to see if everything is ok. Is that possible?
  • Sometimes it seems that the “inner circle” is well connected, but not accessible to everyone. It is easy not to feel supported outside of Sundays. Can we upgrade this experience?
  • Some Groups seem to have developed a clique-ishness. How can we keep Groups more open to other relationships?


To understand WHO LIFEPOINTE IS and get a clearer picture of where Groups fit in our LifePointe strategies of fulfilling the 5 purposes, you can CLICK HERE.