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LifePointe is a life-giving church because of the Groups that bind our hearts together. On Sundays we team up to celebrate Jesus and to make him known. In Groups we engage intentional relationships for life-change and protection against a bad day. You see, when you need somebody, you need them now. So the best time to prepare for needing someone tomorrow is to intentionally invest in the relationships today. To sign up for a Group, click the link below.


VISION FOR GROUPS:  In Groups we grow in trusting relationships, experiences with the REAL JESUS and victories through the POWER OF REDEMPTION. 

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY "REDEMPTION?" "Redemption" is the Biblical term for "the gospel." It has to do with all aspects of Jesus' mission to set people free from the effects of sin. At LifePointe, we frame up Redemption in four categories:

  • The Science of Freedom: Understanding why you do what you do, from roots in the heart and soul to compulsive behaviors. The topics include Biblical Freedom (theology correlated with neuroscience and psychology), Freedom from Addiction, Trauma Recovery, Relationship Principles, Relationship Boundaries, Marriage, Parenting, Renewing the Mind, Spiritual Disciplines, etc.

  • Redemption: Understanding what Christ accomplished at the Cross, revealing God's unwavering goodness towards us. The topics include Understanding God's Sovereignty and Man's Freewill, the Forgiveness of Sin, Our Identity in Christ, The Power of a Born Again Spirit, Emotional Restoration, Spiritual Laws that Govern Blessing and Cursing, Miracle Healing and Strength, Miracle Provision and Prosperity, Miracle Protection and Safety, Making Sense of Human Suffering, The Blood Covenant, etc. Redemption is about "What Christ DID!"

  • Authority of the Believer: Understanding our free moral responsibility and authority to activate what Christ accomplished at the Cross. The topics include Authority in Redemption, Lifestyle Faith (what is is, how it works, how to activate it), Experiencing Grace, The Name of Jesus, The Power of Positive Declarations, Taking Responsibility for a Better Life, Fulfilling the Great Commission, etc. The Authority of the Believer is about "What we DO in response to what Christ DID!"

  • The Holy Spirit: Understanding God's partnership in us, enabling us to use spiritual authority, accessing all that Christ did in Redemption. The topics include Who Is the Holy Spirit, God Inside the Believer, How God Guides/Speaks, The Baptism in the Holy Spirit, The Beauty of Spiritual Languages ("unknown tongues"), The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, The Anointing to Represent Christ, Miracle Ministry, Personal Callings and Assignments, Daily Activations to Love People Well, etc. The Holy Spirit topics are about "What God's partnership DOES to help us DO what Christ DID!"

Understanding these 4 topics will give you increased Gigahertz for your processor to interpret complicated, or conflicting Scripture texts, and to be confident to interpret experiences of human suffering. 



Significant life change best takes place in the context of intentional relationships. God wants us to FIT together, not just SIT together. While you learn ABOUT Christ through teaching, you BECOME like Christ through assembled relationships.

  • Groups provide the environment to celebrate the successes and good times of life, as well as comfort one another in the tough and disappointing times.

  • In Groups, you will find your deepest relationships, fostering the spiritual growth that cannot happen in isolation.

  • Groups are where you become woven into the fabric of LifePointe Church.



Our Groups meet weekly for fellowship, learning, discussion, and prayer. You can join a group built around your season of life (i.e. Parents of Young Children, Empty Nesters, Singles 40+, Etc.) or availability.

  • WINTER GROUPS - Science of Freedom: February 3 – March 16

  • SPRING GROUPS - Redemption: March 31 – May 11

  • SUMMER GROUPS - Free Market Options: June 9 - August 3

  • FALL GROUPS - Authority of the Believer: September 8 – October 19

  • HOLIDAYS GROUPS - The Holy Spirit: November 3 – December 14 




As you all know, Groups at LifePointe are not merely an ancillary program; Groups are the heart and soul of LifePointe. On Sundays we present Christ in a compelling way to our friends, co-workers and neighbors. On Sundays we SIT together. In Groups we FIT together. We believe that assembled people go further, faster. To us, without Groups we only have a teaching and worship center.  With Groups, we have a church family.

A church is only as strong as its leaders and we need people to be Group Hosts.  Will you join us in hosting a LifePointe Group, helping to usher in meaningful relationships and deepening faith?  As a Group Host, you are the facilitator of conversation.  We provide the teaching and conversation guides to help you along the way.  

Check out the link below and be inspired for what God would do with a willing you!