Your message today [(RE)PRESSED GOD #3)] about our perspectives regarding the baptism of the Holy Spirit reminded me of my own experience. I prayed for the baptism and had hands laid on me to receive it and NOTHING. The last lady looked at me and asked if I had something against the baptism. So I talked with my pastor and found out I did. My only experience up to that time was with in-laws that lived like the devil every day, then ran to church on Sundays and spoke in tongues and said "it's fixed". My pastor explained (as you did) that God gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit and it's up to each of us to use it accordingly. Some people "used" it as a get out of jail free card. I didn't have to be like that. I received the baptism with the evidence of speaking in tongues that very evening sitting on my couch. What a tremendous blessing He has been in my life. Yet you remind me that I can be closer still.