TELL YOUR STORY: My ex-husband and I were separated in April of 2015, and even though many things about my life were uncertain, including finances, I decided that I would always tithe, no matter what. God's provision has not only lasted the entire time since then, but it's been abundant. He's sent numerous people to give me good prices, help me manage my finances and reduce debt, and even bring financial gifts and items that my family needed.

When my ex-husband and I completed our "Distribution of Debts and Assets" agreement, I was assigned several large bills that I had no idea how I would pay. However, in July of 2017, I received enough money from the divorce settlement to pay off three of those bills. When I received my tax return in 2018, I was able to pay off the remaining two bills, so I am debt-free as of 02/23/18, for the first time in over twenty years. My children and I celebrated by going out for a "Debt-Free Dinner" that same weekend.

I will also be able to pay cash for my next car and start saving for an emergency fund. I had heard the phrase "You can't out-give God" before now, but this time in my life is the best example I've ever seen that it's true. I'm extremely grateful to God for taking care of me and my children, and showing all of us what a generous Heavenly Father He is.


UPDATE APRIL 11, 2018:

"Guess what?" said my mom. "A friend of mine is buying her son a new car, and she wants to give you his old one!"
When I recovered from the shock, I could only say, "What? Really?"

God has brought so many blessings into my life this year, and I was able to see some of them coming ahead of time, such as paying off some debts when my tax return arrived. However, this one came out of nowhere. I had been planning to buy a new car sometime soon, but now I was being handed one! It's bigger and much newer than my old car, drives very smoothly, and is in great shape for its age. When my mom brought me the car and handed me the keys (complete with remote, something else my old car didn't have), I felt as though I had just moved up in the world. God did the "moving", of course; I believe that He loves to "advance" His children when they're faithful to Him.