(A LifePointe couple who moved out of state)

Hello Pastor and Tina,

I'm not sure if (my wife) replied to you or not, but I wanted to say thank you for the kind words.  I also wanted to say thank you for the absolute wonderful experience that we had at LifePointe. 


(My wife) and I were truly blessed to find LifePointe and we truly felt it was our home while we were there. The teachings resonated with us, and we started trying to live what was being taught.  Pastor, you have a gift of the spoken word, and God has blessed your words with the ability to pierce through a hearts armor and change lives.  


In previous years, we went to church but never committed ourselves to regular attendance. LifePointe changed that, and we found ourselves not wanting to miss, planning our Sunday to do's around attending morning services first. If we were out of town or unable to go, we tuned in online, and often still do despite all these miles between us.   


Tithing went from a dirty 7 letter word that I avoided with all my might due to misconceptions and previous experiences, to an event we welcomed, and through your teachings made it part of our budget. 


LifePointe does so many great things, and has had such an impact on our lives, that stopping the capital campaign contributions, because we were no longer living there, just wasn't even a consideration. God is doing great things with LifePointe, and we were lucky enough to be a small part of it.   


Thank you for prodding us to join the small groups. My personality is VERY INTROVERTED, and small groups are nothing but a giant anxiety attack for me (ha ha). However, the relationships we built with our fellow small group friends were amazing, and it helped me realize that relationships and friendships are VERY important. I know it has to be extremely frustrating on your part to every week get up and almost beg people to join small groups or get active with the church, but I want you to know, that continued promoting of the small groups finally led us to join (well that and Tina signing us up) (ha ha ha). I am so glad she cared enough to do that though, because it was an experience I cherished!  


So to sum it all up. Thank you!