1. Give an example of a “fight, flight or freeze” moment that you experienced (like a stick/snake example and jumping away before you could rationally think).

  2. “Trying to treat a brain problem with only a moral solution only tightens the noose of bondage.” How does shame impact all of our compulsive behaviors and keep us in a cycle of bondage?


  3. The limbic system of the brain is our brains system for measuring the value of things. When we have either pleasure or fear, the limbic system rates that for repeat for or for repel against. Can you give an example of when this has happened in any area of your life? How does this impact compulsive behavior that could lead to painful consequences?


  4. How would a tool like the FASTER scale help you see the patterns and emotional intelligence needed to change compulsive behaviors? [F-Forgetting Priorities / A-Anxiety / S-Speeding Up / T-Ticked Off / E-Exhausted / R-Relapse] If you have used the FASTER scale in the past, how has that helped you in every role of life (husband, father, employee, leader, etc.)?


  5. What is one of the biggest take-aways you gained from today’s video and message?