Anytime we offer a survey of topics that our audiences would like taught in the future, one of the top perennial requests is always on the topic of forgiveness.

Have you ever had someone do something…

  • That GRIEVED you?
  • That WOUNDED you?
  • That DISAPPOINTED expectations?
  • That DISRUPTED/DESTROYED your planned dreams?
  • That COST you something of high value?
  • That BETRAYED you and made you question your sense of Self? 

Maybe it was…

  • A verbal ABUSE, physical or sexual abuse
  • The DEATH of a loved one due to another person’s choices/negligence
  • A FALSE WITNESS that cost you a job
  • A BETRAYAL that cost you a network of close friendships

Ever said or heard this?

  • “I can’t forgive as long as he’s in my life.”
  • She won’t apologize, so how can I forgive her?”
  • “Forgive? I'll never forget what he did!”
  • “He ruined my life, career and dreams!”

If you have been struggling with unforgiveness towards others, listen to the message below and then begin performing the FORGIVENESS WORKSHEET (see instructions below).


The below worksheet is designed to be experiential. I recommend that you find a private place where disruptions are unlikely, turn on your favorite worship music and allow yourself to breathe, navigating this worksheet at a very slow pace. Your goal is to experience the emotional ebb and flow of the questions. Don't worry about finishing all the questions in one sitting as that would defeat the purpose. You may want to set yourself a goal of 30 minutes to an hour per day, making incremental progress through the questions. It may take you a week, or maybe even a month to finish it all. If you can set your energy towards experience rather than finishing, you will find the impact to be much greater and transformative.




01 - Does God Forgive Me?

02 - How Does God FEEL When He Looks at Me?

03 - Introduction to Forgiving Others

04 - Finding Compassion in Forgiveness

05 - How to Forgive Those Who Hurt You