Health, happiness and holistic fulfillment are the unspoken desires for every one of us. Jesus dreamed of building our lives in a “church.” His dream was not about building an institution. His dream is about giving people the systems, relationships and tools for a MOVEMENT; a movement for personal heart-transformation.

Where governments, academia, business and cultural success have failed to transform human hearts, this divine community called the “church” is the singular, commissioned-by-God, organization designed to be the hope to the world.

Church was never to be a merely a building to go to, or corporation to be controlled by, or the spiritual finish line to mark off. The church was to be the central powerhouse for a movement. Church is about leading people through the systems, relationships and tools that transform them at the deepest levels, and thereby transforming marriages, recovering addictions, healing relationships, empowering vocational aspirations, and breathing life into inspired-dreams; giving us a purpose to live… and die for.

When church attenders understand, integrate and apply the functions of this movement, it changes their lives, then they too become the embodiment of the movement to outsiders. This is how we arrive at our commission, to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  If you desire life-change and deep purpose, join us for the entire series. We will MOVE your health, happiness and holistic fulfillment to new heights!   



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