For the past several years, Blaine Bartel, with the support of his wife Lori, has been actively coaching men who are struggling with porn and sexual brokenness. He has discovered a gift of grace to help these friends do the work of resurrection and reinvent a life previously unimagined.

You may be aware of some of Blaine’s accomplishments.

  • He was considered the “Youth Pastor of America.”

  • He hosted a national television show for more than a decade.

  • He became a best selling author. 

  • He led the largest weekly student gathering in America. 

This is what the public knew about Blaine.

What they didn’t know is that Blaine hated who he had become. Behind the curtains of his success was a man who was overcome by an unbreakable sexual addiction, severe clinical depression and marital brokenness. Eight years ago, he walked away from everything he had built and accomplished in an attempt to try to discover a life that was worth living.

After a desperate attempt to end his life, he was placed in an addiction recovery center in Phoenix, Arizona for 30 days. After hearing Blaine’s story, Dr. Ralph Earle, one of the nations leading sexual addiction specialists, told Blaine, “You are the poster child for sexual addiction. I honestly don’t know if you will ever get free.”

This was the beginning of a radical life transformation that would demand all Blaine had to give in order to fully encounter the resurrected life. Today, if you ask Blaine what his greatest achievement is, he will share this extraordinary seven year drama of the dusty, winding road up the mountain of recovery.

Blaine and Lori reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma, love hanging out with family and friends and have a weakness for reality shows. Along with his speaking and coaching, Blaine is a writer and has recently released a brand new book entitled, “Death by a Thousand Lies.”