Pastor Patrick and Jason talked through the many upgrades we are experiencing in this season of ministry. 2017 really is the year that changes everything!

Below is a summery of what happened. Be sure to congratulate these leaders and remember...2017 is the year that changes everything!

  • Executive & Youth Pastor:  Jason Regier is excited to bring leadership, coaching, and development to all our teams, groups, and culture of LifePointe as well as continue to lead our youth ministry.
  • Creative Director:  Christine Presley is excited to bring next level leadership to our Sunday production and creative teams.
  • Worship Leader:  Kyl Means is excited to recognize, create, and amplify a culture of worship unique to LifePointe.
  • Children's Coordinator:  Courtney Means is excited to help kids experience Jesus, connect with parents, and train leaders.
  • Leadership Director:  Joyce Hill is excited to partner with all our leaders and bring her incredible experience of leadership development into the culture of LP.

These next months are going to be amazing and we are so excited about what God is doing at LifePointe!




LifePointe Team Nights are so much fun with people who are serious about changing the world!! Heroes are people who are helping people. Tonight our 5-STAR HERO is Paul and RuthAnn McAlister.

Paul and RuthAnn have embodied the heart and vision of LifePointe, and are the longest tenured members of the church. They served for years in our set-up and break-down teams for our portable church years. They presently serve, or has served, in the following areas:

  • Paul:  Worship Team, Audio Engineer Team, Group Host, Youth Ministry (lends cars out for Youth trips)
  • RuthAnn:  Youth Team, Group Host, Missions Trip Leader, Driver (to Youth events)

LifePointe would not have become what it is without the HIGH investments in every area of our church. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They are Jesus Centered:  They worship Jesus while serving and in service with heart and expression. They receive the Word preached with hunger and joy. They anticipate Firepits and the work of the Holy Spirit there. They participate in Workshops to further their knowledge of the Word.
  • They are Humility Driven:  They are low maintenance and high output members. They honor their leaders, offering great ideas and opinions, yet keeping grace as their prize. They give themselves to "mundane tasks (Rom 12:16)" and addict themselves to ministry.
  • They are Circle Makers:  They deflect all drama, refuse to gossip and bring honor to our church family by keeping their hearts focused on the mission of the church. Their service as Group Hosts, opening their home each week, has been the glue for so many attenders.
  • They Have a Heart for the House:  They have been through two 3-year capital campaigns, generously modeling a heart for the house. Their generosity to our guest speakers, missionaries, people in need and any projects has been extravagant. They prioritize every event at LifePointe; special guest speakers, prayer and fasting events, clean up work days, and special volunteer projects.
  • They are Hungry to Be the Best:  They are highly responsive, showing up early and leaving late, refusing both procrastination and perfectionism. 

We are pleased to honor them with the LifePointe 5-Star Trophy, and the Red Hero Cape!



Each Team Night we have great food, team games, a vision message and role playing. Tonight our game was amazing. 


A big THANK YOU to Ramiro for an amazing feast of pulled pork BBQ sandwiches. THANK YOU to all our Servers who make each month happen with skill, class and excellence. Your generosity inspires us all!! [Ramiro is the one in the center with the British flag shirt... LOVE throw backs!]