Problem is that it’s real easy to work together, serve together, live in the same neighborhood together, even go to church together…but not do life together.

  • We could be serving together, but not doing life together.
  • Gather in the same place, but not actually doing life together 
  • Even be in the same small group, but not be doing life together
    • Fear
    • Busy
    • Past hurts
  • Problem is it's unhealthy for us AND our church.


Colossians 3:12-17

  • Intentional relationships = Life on purpose
  • Let’s not just serve together…let’s do life together.
    • Intentional relationships will build your teams and keep your teams healthy.
    • People don’t connect with process or programs…they connect to people.
    • We are building something together that we could never build on our own.


Practical ways…

  • Create margin (time) in your life. Relationships typically happen in the margins.
  • Be the person (friend) you want people to be to you
    • Be the friend you want others to be to you
    • Be the team member that you would want on your team
  • Invite someone to serve on your team
    • Best recruiting for your team is friend asking friends
    • Personal invite is still the greatest tool for church growth.
  • Look for the give and take. Great relationships have good give and take.
    • There are some that you will just serve
    • But every great relationship has a give and take
    • Example from neighborhood
  • Invite someone to coffee
  • Invite someone to lunch
  • Start a group text
  • Go to the park
  • Grill out
  • Be inclusive (not exclusive)
  • Be vulnerable
  • Be authentic
  • Communicate well
  • Encourage, encourage, encourage
  • Admit (own it) and apologize 
  • Have fun!


LifePointe Team Nights are so much fun with people who are serious about changing the world!! Heroes are people who are helping people. Tonight our 5-STAR HERO is Ramiro Noboa.

Ramiro has served on Ushers, Video Tech Teams as well being the LifePointe Chef.  He embodies the following codes, showing they way for how Kingdom life is done:

  • HONOR HELD - He is servant-hearted. He looks for ways to bring value to anything we do as a church. His Chef work and food prep in service to our church is extraordinary. He even heard that our video team need volunteers and he signed up to fill the gaps.
  • AFFECTIONATELY ASSEMBLED & LOVE LED - He has a passion for the church family. When he sees pain or suffering within our church community he turns towards it, offering help.
  • GARGANTOUSLY GENEROUS - He is generous. For many of our events he has negotiating our food to be donated for the cause. 

We are pleased to honor him with the LifePointe 5-Star Trophy, and the Red Hero Cape!


Each Team Night we have great food, team games, a vision message and role playing. Tonight our game was amazing. Way to go Diz LibokmetoJason Regier and Creative Team. You guys are amazing. Well done!!



A big THANK YOU to Ramiro for an amazing feast of pulled pork BBQ sandwiches. THANK YOU to all our Servers who make each month happen with skill, class and excellence. Your generosity inspires us all!! [Ramiro is the one in the center with the British flag shirt... LOVE throw backs!]