LifePointe Workshops are eCourse (electronic, video-driven, interactive learning) experiences that include performable sheets/workbooks to rebuild your heart and brain’s base systems. In 8-weeks (some Workshops have bonus weeks) you will have significant confidence to change at an atomic-heart level. 



We encourage you to approach the Workshops like you would a Netflix series you would binge on, rather than an academic course you need a degree in. Allow the feeding to be casual, play it in your car while driving, listen while cooking, getting ready in the mornings, or any place and time. The ecourse is available in both audio (podcast) and video formats.



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  • WINTER GROUPS - Science of Freedom:  February 4 – March 31
  • SPRING GROUPS - Redemption:  April 22 – June 16
  • SUMMER GROUPS - Authority of the Believer:  July 29 – September 22
  • FALL GROUPS - The Holy Spirit:  October 14 – December 8



PATRICK NORRIS is a seasoned Senior Pastor with over 30 years of theological/biblical training. Being a scientist at heart, his passion has always been to understand why people do what they do. This growing body of work has even opened new insights to living the supernatural faith-life Jesus modeled. Over the past several years Patrick has become a certified addiction professional, trained by many of the addiction pioneers and leading experts in the world (International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals). In the training process, he saw that the Scriptural truth-template shows a system of human behavior that is consistent with what traumatologists, psychologists and neurobiologists have discovered through empirical research and/or practice. Yet these secular researchers and therapists can shine insights onto the Scriptural texts, to unlock boxed interpretations of the text. Patrick believes God understands the most depraved of behaviors, while affectionately nurturing them into recovery. Because that extreme of a case is true, Patrick believes God understands you too; you are about to be affectionately nurtured into recovery!




  • "This workshop saved our marriage!"
  • "'Great stuff' is an under statement!"
  • “My favorite part of the workshop is the freedom I felt and all the discoveries about myself…becoming more emotionally intelligent.”
  • “I love this class. It was my second time taking it and learned as much the second time…just on a deeper level.”
  • “I have such an awareness of my emotions now that when they start to run high I am able to bring them under control… I have more understanding of myself…”
  • “My favorite part was learning about core beliefs and how harmful they have been.”
  • “Understanding the executive and emotional parts of the brain helped me understand my behavior.”
  • “This workshop has been a complete transformation of my mind.”
  • “Destructive thinking patterns and shame have been broken off.”
  • “Pastor has such expertise in this area and most churches NEVER talk about it. I feel very blessed to have heard this teaching.”